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Difference between 60Hz and 50Hz in WE10

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31 May 2006
I recently got the english version of WE10 from ebay. I use swap magic and the game works ok. But compared to my friend one it is much slower and more like PES5. I believe that this is because my Tv cannot handle 60Hz what the game was made for. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem or whether it was my PS2
7 August 2004
well by the sound of it you have an illegal we 10 with fernando's work patched into it, aswell as the slowdown patch thats available here.


19 May 2005
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There is no english version,and the bootlegging twat that sells them is from scotland,he tried to sell one to my brother.It´s jonoboy and fernando´s work.IF YOU ARE READING THIS YOU ARE A THEIVING BASTARD!AND A FIRST CLASS LEECH "R A" THAT´S YOUR INITIALS![-X =;
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