DKZ Studio & Vista Problems, Problems, Problems!


7 May 2006
Hi kids.

I'm having a problem with Vista Ultimate and DKZ Studio.

Installs fine but the pesky thing crashes whenever I try actually doing anything.

Anyone got this baby working on Vista? Does ANYTHING work on Vista yet?

Please help me as I need to install the Superpatch!


I have had problems with Vista as well, not tried DkZ Studio yet though. When I replaces the .exe I couldn't run the game also.


League 1
28 November 2005
I had a few problems with the games exe crashing untill i put the games exe into xp sp2 compatibility mode.Aint had no problems since.You might wanna tick run as administrator as well.Also i turned windows error reporting off cause everytime the exe crashed it stored a 1.2gb error report grrrrr lol


7 May 2006
Thanks dudes.

Managed to find a workaround by installing PES and Superpatch onto my laptop and copying the dat folder onto Vista PC. Was a pain but it works now.

Now to sort out that pesky tearing screen, hmmmmmm, vsync not working.


16 February 2005
Yeah vsync in Vista doesn't work. Even on the Nvidia website they say some kind of difference in the OS(Vista) and that's why v-sync doesn't work in Vista. Hopefully they'll make it work in the future...
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