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do es the pitch alter during gameplay?


19 May 2005
Only One Man Utd.
someone posted on here that the met seabass/catfish,whatever,they taked about new thing in the game(highly unlikely)this guy said that on we10 the pitch would mark up during play.can anyone confirm this?Mine has not arrived yet(play asia bastardo):(


15 August 2003
No it doesnt. And the textures arnt great either, slightly better than last time out.


11 November 2003
also, is there the pitchside reporter that was spoken of? or was that one of the rumours not a fact?


3 May 2003
Västervik, Sweden.
Sheffield Wednesday
A reporter who stands on the side of the pitch and adds comments during the game, usually explains why someone was substituted for example saying they injured their ankle or something, often add comments about tactical decisions by one of the managers.
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