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Do i need to learn to play with analogue ??



Played a few games o this but finding it really hard to score. Whenever i get a decent chance the player always hits it wide. I'm thinking its cos im using the d-pad like i have done in all the other games.

Maybe i have to practice with the analogue stick ?? But it feels so fuckin horrible !


League 2
8 October 2004
I agree
i advise you to stick to the D-pad and train more
when I'll get PES 5, I can tell you I will more than ever play with the D-pad rather than with this fuckin' analog stick


Don't know in this game but in the previous WE you only had 8 directions where your player could move... so no use to practice with the analogue stick


League 2
8 October 2004
yep, he' right, even with the analogue stick you only have 8 directions as well as with the D-pad
so you should forget about the left analogue stick


7 October 2002
WE tends to benefict analog but I don't know if WE9 persists in that unfair mistake. In previous versions analog was more responsive, players seemed more agressive and active. Let's hope it doesn't happen this time in WE9, meanwhile the player having most trouble with the autosidestep are analog users. Fair, time for them to suffer a bit like we d-pad users in the previous versions :).


timsmith10000 said:
I can never seem to control my player well with the d-pad (too fiddily!) I'll stick with the analogue!
It is not possible to play WE9 with the analogue


most games you need to use analog so im used to now, so i think analog is easier but whatever u feel most comfortable wit man, its up to u
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