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Do you play in 50Hz Pal or 60Hz NTSC


9 August 2005
I tried playing PES6 in 60Hz i noticed that play was slow and a tiny bit more rewarding but when it came to shooting it seemed to take an age for the ball to go in or be saved.

So i was wondering what set up does everyone else use to play PES6?


4 October 2004
60Hz ofcourse, no question, game runs at a better and higher rate, the only reason they have 50Hz is because most pal TV in europe only have 50Hz but if you have a TV that excepts 50hz/60hz choose 60hz.


17 April 2006
real sociedad
on my super slick lcd hd ready tv i used 60hz. but when i played it on my old reliable chunky tv i tried it on 50hz and it seemed blocky and had psp like visuals. really if it was released on the xbox the game would look better.
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