Does any feel like they are playing next Generation games?


23 April 2005
Everyone who has playes PE6 or any xbox 360 game do you feel that they are a generation after pes5, Metal gear sons of liberty, Halo2, Gta Sana andreas, Gran turismo??

Maybe im being harsh comparing a selction of the best games form the last few year but for me next generation gaming hasn't even started yet and after hearing about the new GTA IV not be multiplayer online and not having any planes ive lost faith in all games because i lost faith in Pro evo when PES 6 Beta version was realesed for the xbox360!!

Is anyone else as pissed off as i am with these so called next gen consoles???

Ps3 is still newish so ill give that more time but the Xbox360 hasn't impressed me at all! On the release day of PES6 i paid £400 for my 360 and PES6 and a couple of other bits and of all the games that have been released the only game that had proper next gen graphics was Gears of war but the game was to short and for the rest of the big titles which people have followed for years have all been let downs!!


1) is my favourite game series ever Pro evo and on the 360 PES6 is a shambles!!

2) Gta iv the new one that is coming out soon isn't going to have planes and isn't going to be multiplayer online!!

3) Why call it a next generation console if the games being made aren't anymore into the next generation that previous consoles! maybe the console have all the potential in the world but some ar$ehole designers are making rubbish games!
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