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Does difficulty differ by language or system?



\\:o/ Hello folks,

This is my first post on this forum and I'd like to ask you PES/WE maniacs the question I came upon. I've played Japanese WE9 (WORLD, not J-League) for about 4 months until I decided to switch over to WE9 International for PC that is supposed to come out officially on April 4. I was fortunate to be able to get it and I've been playing it for past 2 days. The problem is that I'm having hard time playing at the difficulty of 4 stars on PC when I had no problems beating Brazil using Japan at 6 stars on PS2. I'm using XBOX 360 Controller to play on PC so the controllers are different, but I was just curious if difficulties might be adjusted by languages or by consoles? My impression is that many Japanese people are game geeks so KONAMI would make the game harder for them, but it's not something I'd know. It just seems odd that I'm feeling much more challenged when I'm playing the same game on a different system. Maybe any of you guys can explain this to me? Thank you in advance.
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the japanese and europese/american releases are always slightly different. I dont know if its harder, but they always change little things. So i think you have to adept again.
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