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Does difficulty level effect your keepers?


26 November 2005
Does the dificulty level you set have any effect on the keepers? I just left it on 'normal' and I'm finding far too many multiplayer player games finish with rediculously high scores with shots flying in from everywhere. It was rare in PES5 to see 5 goals from one side for me and my mates but now we're seeing 5 often and we've had some silly scores like 9-5 which were totally unheard of in PES5. And this is after a week of playing! Can't imagine what it will be like once we get used to it. :(

I want realistic score lines. Not ice hockey scores...


11 October 2006
When i play 20mins. ( almost all of my games on professional ) the scorelines aren't that high. Most of the time with a 2 goal difference.


League 2
1 June 2003
i play 10 min games on 6 star in w11 10 and its always high scores..

games are crazy and they end up 4-3 or 7-6 or 4-4 while having two or three shots hitting to post too..



1 September 2002
I was playing my mate on Satruday, Arsenal vs Barca.

Half time score was 8-0 so we swapped over and the final score was 8-8. I was impressed by that.

I think it just goes to show that people who don't really know how to play the game aren't in much of a position to complain about what they see as faults.

It could well just be their playing style (or lack of).
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