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Does PES favour one team in a game?



I've suspected for some time that the code is designed for "catch up", making it easier for teams that are behind to score goals, but there seems to be some other random element involved. Sometimes it goes in my favour, and I play an entire game without making much effort, and still score lots of goals. Then other games, like the one I just finished, the computer seems to deliberately shaft me.

In my last online game I was 1-0 up as I approached half time, this was after dominating the game and having my players miss a host of chances, including an open goal. In the very last minute of the half, John Terry tackles his player on the half way line. Nothing to worry about here, only the successful tackle goes straight back to him. This happens a lot. But I tackled him again and again. And on the fourth successful tackle the ball spun out, seemingly against the laws of physics, and landed perfectly in the path of his onrushing striker.

From an innocuous half way line tackle he's suddenly one on one with my keeper. Cech, a world class keeper, rushes out and his striker kicks the ball straight at him. The ball appears to ghost through his arms and into the back of the net. That's his first shot on goal, and he is level. I'm really annoyed, but this kind of thing happens, and I've got the entire second half to win.

So, the second half kicks off, and within five minutes, guess what happens? An innocuous situation on the half way. Robben goes to tackle the player, and inexplicably slides in even though I'm only pressing the :x: and :square:. Not a problem. It's only a free kick on the half way line. But oh no! The computer not only decided that I was going to do a sliding tackle when I didn't want to, but that sliding tackle was deemed to be a RED CARD OFFENCE.

I mean wtf?

The computer made my player perform the sliding tackle, and then sends my player off for doing so. That's got to be a fixed game.

Just to add insult to injury, I played the rest of the half ultra defensive, only to lose the game 3-1 with TWO goals scored in seemingly endless injury time. I counted ten mounted attacks in 2 minutes of advertised injury time.


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6 August 2005
Not totally sure about the whole problem but i have certainly had the computer make some crazy tackles without me actually pressing anything.
Its gave away a few penalties and cost me games that way.


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30 October 2005
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Absolutely, sometimes I've heard it called the "Master League Stitch-Up" but down here in Western Australia we just call it "The Bu!!$hit Game." It happens a lot when you manage to beat "quality" teams like Real or Man U, then in the next game you simply cannot win against bottom of the table opposition like NEC Nijmegen or Wigan. Usually the best way to overcome it is to play in a bu!!$hit way yourself, playing through balls when you know they won't work; taking non-sensical shots from stupid angles; taking shots when you aren't steady yet or you have a tonne of defenders covering you etc. Usually, you end up getting a bu!!$hit goal- deflections, own-goals, a clumsy defender uncharacteristically shimmying to the side automatically and chipping the ball over the keeper and nutmegging a defender on the goal-line when all you did was press shoot. What you have to worry about then, is that the CPU won't reply with a bu!!$hit goal straight from the next kick-off; or you may be in luck and end up scoring 4 in the last minutes of the game for no reason. At one stage I had replayed the same fixture about 6 times, in which most were last second draws by the computer and I had hit the post from pointblank range IN EACH GAME, and had 3 penalties saved. The worst of these was when a player of mine (Henry) broke into the box 2 on 1, drew the keeper out successfully to the corner of the 6-yard box and played a gentle pass back to the penalty spot where his striking partner (Pires) tapped it in for a goal; but instead of hearing the crowd roar and seeing a goal celebration, the ref ran up to the opposing keeper and issued him a yellow card, he had fouled Henry after the pass to Pires AND THE REF BLEW THE WHISTLE FOR A PENALTY AS THE BALL WAS CROSSING THE GOAL-LINE AND HITTING THE BACK OF THE NET! The subsequent penalty was taken by "Mr Reliable" Dennis Bergkamp, and the keeper guessed the wrong way BUT THE BALL HIT THE POST- however it did rebound to me for a tap-in, though Dennis took his time a bit, and as he was about to play the tap-in, HE WAS BROUGHT DOWN BY THE KEEPER! But the penalty wasn't given and the defender cleared. Final whistle! Arsenal (WEFA Champions) nil-NEC nil. Bu!!$hit Game
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