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Does Somebody knows?


18 July 2006
Hello to all someone can kindly tell me the meant one in English language of the roles of the soccers player in pes 6.



18 July 2006
Ok, i want know what does mean AMF or RB or LB or CB or SS etc,etc
I know GK = golkeaper, AMF =advance mild fielder

I want know the others.

Thanks, Matrix


League 2
14 November 2006
Waterford,Republic Of Ireland
Waterford United/Arsenal
GK - Goalkeeper,
LB - Left Back,
RB - Right Back,
SB - Side Back,
CB - Centre Back/Sweeper.
CMF - Centre Midfielder,
DMF - Defensive Midfielder,
SMF - Side Midfielder,
AMF - Attacking Midfielder.
CF - Center Forward,
SS - Striker/Second Striker,
WNG - Winger.
Hope that helps mate.:)


League 2
3 May 2004
R/LWF Right/Left wing forward

theres another CWB or something which is a sweeper i know Lorient or Heracles has one.

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