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Doom the Movie



features mutated humans . You sure its DOOM ?

Last time i looked doom was about Unlocking Portals to Hell . Not The Humane Genome, Looks like resident evil in Space to me....
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5 July 2004
Coventry, UK
Yeah, they've decided now that mutated humans would be better than demons coming from Hell. Bad idea imo.

Apparently theres gonna be like a 10 minute sequence in the film where we get a view through a visor, as if playing the game. Sounds interesting


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1 October 2003
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JimJoeC said:
Bruce Campbell was originaly touted as playing the lead character and he would have been infintely better than the Cock, sorry typo, the Rock.
Yeah. Bruce Campbell kicks ass.

But this is definately based on the video game cuz I read about this last year. I knew The Rock was gonna be in the Doom movie.


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1 October 2003
Manchester United
You serious? All they seem to be doing is blowing up aliens. Hardly has a decent story.


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19 February 2003
unstoppable action.. i think its gonna suck.. like most of games that becomes movies.

and just a hint to everyone here. dont watch any movie made from Uwe Boll. he ruined alone in the dark, ruined house of the dead, and god knows what he next movie might be.


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30 December 2001
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The funny thing is you guys are all talking about rumors that are completely false.

The film is set on Mars and most of the creatures in the games are represented and they even throw in a 4 minute scene where it is shot from the view point of John Grimm giving you the view like its the first person shooter itself.

If you guys have seen the trailer on American tv you see him with a chainsaw facing the have robotic 4 legged creature that was featured to full effect in doom 3
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