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Good morning guys, I really want to suggest to those interesed in joining or signing up their Dream Team up for a league to read the following info. WEmaniacs will be hosting the first Dream Team League starting 01 October 2005 and we'd like to cordially invite any teams inthe community who are interested. Please take a look at the tentative schedule and feel free to contact any of the WEmaniacs staff for more info.

This is a great opportunity to realize what so maney WE/PES have been thriving for a very long time. With the cooperation of the forums throughout the community, this can be a great deal of fun not only for people in the forum but for eveyone involved

This schedule was created totally at random with the custom league creation of WE9. Teams in green depict those already in the league and being worked into the Master Option File. Teams in red were picked at random as fillers for the league. PLEASE NOTE, that those red teams are not set in stone and can be changed if we so desire. Also, should more Dream Teams around the community wish to join the league they will replace one of the teams currently in red. On the flip side, if for whatever reason one of the Dream Teams currently in green do not have their stats ready and in the Option File by the 30 September deadline, they will be removed from the league and replaced by another random team in the game.

Teams Currently in League
1. WEmaniacs
2. Wolf Hook's Elite
3. d'Galacticos
4. Mike's HHH

5. Real Madrid
6. AC Milan
7. Liverpool
8. Juventus

Fixture 1
WEmaniacs - Real Madrid
d'Galacticos - Liverpool
AC Milan - Juventus

Fixture 2
Juventus - WEmaniacs
HHH - AC Milan
Real Madrid - Liverpool
WHE - d'Galacticos

Fixture 3
WEmaniacs - HHH
d'Galacticos - Juventus
Liverpool - WHE
AC Milan - Real Madrid

Fixture 4
WEmaniacs- d'Galacticos
Real Madrid- HHH
WHE - AC Milan
Juventus - Liverpool

Fixture 5
WHE- WEmaniacs
Liverpool - AC Milan
HHH - d'Galacticos
Real madrid - Juventus

Fixture 6
AC Milan - WEmaniacs
Juventus - WHE
d'Galacticos - Real Madrid
HHH - Liverpool

Fixture 7
WEmaniacs - Liverpool
Real Madrid - WHE
Juventus - HHH
d'Galacticos - AC Milan

Fixture 8
Real Madrid - WEmaniacs
Liverpool - d'Galacticos
Juventus - AC Milan

Fixture 9
WEmaniacs - Juventus
AC Milan - HHH
Liverpool - Real Madrid
d'Galacticos - WHE

Fixture 10
HHH - WEmaniacs
Juventus - d'Galacticos
WHE - Liverpool
Real Madrid - AC Milan

Fixture 11
d'Galacticos - WEmaniacs
HHH - Real Madrid
AC Milan - WHE
Liverpool - Juventus

Fixture 12
WEmaniacs - WHE
AC Milan - Liverpool
d'Galacticos - HHH
Juventus - Real madrid

Fixture 13
WEmaniacs - AC Milan
WHE - Juventus
Real Madrid - d'Galacticos
Liverpool - HHH

Fixture 14
Liverpool - WEmaniacs
WHE - Real Madrid
HHH - Juventus
AC Milan - d'Galacticos

Hosting for Week 1
WEmaniacs - Real Madrid ( Hosted by HHH mgr)
d'Galacticos – Liverpool ( Hosted by WEmaniacs mgr)
AC Milan – Juventus ( Hosted by WHE mgr)
WHE – HHH ( Hosted by d’Galacticos mgr)

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