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DUNGA New Brazil coach


Quality, not quantity
30 October 2005
Reading, England
yet again a former player gets the job based purely on his reputation as a player

but lately van Basten and Klinnsmann have shown those with no previous managerial skill can do well, so who knows...


15 February 2006
Racing Club de Avellaneda
the last WC pretty much showed that international football is all about motivation, choosing the right players and deploy a very good defensive system that is able to hold the tie.

it's very different to club football, where a team with 2 wins and 3 loses beats a team that ties 5 matches.

so it makes sense to appoint a great former defensive workhorse captain as manager. dunga had the underrated task to balance a midfield with other 3 non-marking players and did it perfectly. the choice although a bit of a shocker seems pretty matching to the current state of international football. cause as stated before, he brings two crucial things to the table: motivation and defensive knowledge.


27 May 2004
I don´t know.... seems Dunga´s gonna be a puppet guided by those big puppet masters here such as Ricardo Teixeira and others...
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