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Early option file for PES6?

Professor Nutmeg

ML Fanatic
3 July 2002
Master League
Is anyone entertaining the thought of making an early option file for PES6? ie ready on release of the game. For example with the real team/stadium names and about 50,000 PES points, but nothing unlocked from the shop. Nothing too over the top, just something to help hit the ground running.


14 October 2004
dont think on the day itself...maybe the day after but dont expect too much...just some name changes and maybe even some kits altered but 50k in PES points seems quite a lot dont you think...and i have to say isnt it fun to collect those points yourself at first? i know i will be playing the game on the day of the release for hours with my roommate. and the OF we want with all the kits etc will come later enough licensed teams to play with from the beginning...

the question though that keeps bothering me is will juventus be in the game? there are still star players there in the likes of nedved and buffon

Professor Nutmeg

ML Fanatic
3 July 2002
Master League
djdoc360 said:
Achieve the points

see, that's the boring part. I'm a big ML fan (rarely play any other mode). In order to set out the ML how i want, i need quite a few points just to unlock the mode. Therefore, i find this a tad annoying. If i want to play ML on 6 stars, i also have to unlock it. So in order to accumilate sufficient points i end up doing 5 mins Cup games on 1 star to hurry the process along. And i find that more labourious than enjoyable. :eh:

Stringer Bell

12 February 2005
I don't think PESFan will be making an option file this year because of the who EPL thing. But they might be able to get round that, but i'm not sure.

Professor Nutmeg is there any teams your going to add to your game this year?

Big Boss

KJH = The Hunter!
23 July 2003
The Netherlands
Ajax & Strasbourg
PesFan will have a file on releaseday, but without any EPL editing due to the FA copyright stuff.

But im sure it wont take long for someone to take it and Edit the EPl aswell.


@Professor Nutmeg : i don't think that a pes5 option file will give you points (perhaps an edited one)
The quicker way to earn points fast is training mode challenge, african and asian cup.

What is that FA copyrights stuff ?
PESFan is afraid to distribute an OF with EPL edited because they're afraid of copyrights ?
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17 April 2004
North Yorkshire
I think that the English F.A. told PESFan to stop hosting files with Premier League club names and team logos etc.

Because PESFan has links with Konami (or so I believe) and they didn't want to put those at risk, they decided it would be best to do as the the F.A. said.

Don't know if this is true, I haven't been to that site in awhile. I could have just fabricated this all in my mind. ;)
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21 March 2006
can anyone pleeeeaaaasssse tell me where to get the new option file for new players to play online for ps2 !!!!!! bellamy, kyut ,pennant etc ! got option file but it wont work online !!!! gutted
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