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Stringer Bell

12 February 2005
There is a software i just downloaded, that helps you win e-bay actions. Just wanna ask mods if i'm allowed to post it here for people to download?

Here is a description of it:

Watches & displays your auctions while keeping your auction information up to date.
Alerts you whenever there is activity in one of the auctions it is watching for you. If the program has been minimized it will pop up and display a screen notifying you of the change.
Adding auctions to watch is as simple as the click of your mouse. You can add them one at a time or have Auction Sentry sweep eBay and add all your auctions at once.
Place instant bids for you or it can set up time delayed bids (sniping!) to be placed just before the auction ends to make sure that YOU get the last bid in!
Synchronizes your PC's internal clock with eBay's to ensure that your bids are placed EXACTLY when you want them!
Automatically detects when a newer version of itself is available and will download and update your system for you.

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1 October 2003
Manchester United
PMing the link is as bad as posting it here. So you might as well post it.

If you dont want to, PM it to me too please. :mrgreen:


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27 December 2001
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It appears to be just a software programme, go ahead and post a link Stringer, if I'm wrong about it no doubt some Admin will come in and sort it out. Then it'll be up to people to download it at their own risk. Just so long as it aint a referral link, I think it's ok on here.


Just google the first line of the description he posted, it doesn't need much detective work :)
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