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Edit Mode - Import Faces, Tattoos


League 1
3 November 2011
Importing faces in edit mode was present in earlier PES games(2013 and before).
It was not a very perfect feature, but was certainly useful sometimes, and made things easier(on consoles at least), so we didn't have to look for patches.
It should return, and improve in a way, to have some enhancements to the imported photo, with lightning, contrast and saturation, to match the edit mode skin colors, so the face looks perfectly aligned.
Additionally, some other sport games like have an app for face scan, and although it's only for myPlayer type of modes(BaL in PES's case), it could be rather interesting to have one for PES, whether you import one from photo, or from your camera. And hopefully not just restricted to one BaL player, but to all players in the db without a locked face.

Second suggestion for this topic i have would be introducing the option to add tattoo's to players.
They could can come in various form
1) Like hairstyles, present in edit mode, or like creating kits, in edit mode but with multiple layers and default present tattoos to mix.
2) Or import them as an image, scale and rotate around players arms/legs/neck. To make them more realistic, have them automatically turn into a black/white image maybe, so people don't end up importing just random colored pictures on the players arms/legs.
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