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Edit Mode - Stadium Creator(from PES 2011/2012/2013)


League 1
3 November 2011
As the title says.

For the start, a copy/paste of the PES 11/12/13 stadium creator/editor would do and make everyone happy, and in the years after that, it can be expanded to include plenty of new options for making a stadium as unique as ever, to the tiniest of details.

We're aware of the licensing problems with real stadiums, and creating your own fictional stadiums also seems to be rather slow(you create maybe 2 or 3 new per game now), so this would be a good substitute to fill the missing spots in the coming years.

As far as creator goes, i can think of many options to add, but for the start, please allow us to have the creator back, then we can discuss it more. And if anyone else has any suggestions, feel free to share so we can discuss.
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