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Edited Players


24 November 2003
When you have created a new player using the ingame editor how can you sign him for your master league team. I cant find any of the players I have created in the search option but when I go to edit player they are there under edited national player.

Any help??



I made myself and found that Lecce had bought me I did`nt make myself under national edit but normal edit,don`t know if that helps:cheers:


4 August 2004
Urm if its the same as WE9 the you have to create yourself on the second page of create player slots e.g you have page 1/10 create it on page 2/10


24 November 2003
I dont think that is right. I have players on the second page and they dont appear. You can only create players in on place. As far as I am aware. The other options only allow you to edit not create players.

Thanks for your comments and if I am being stupid I apologise.


League 2
18 June 2002
Bolton Wanderers
i am also having probs registering edited players with teams, any chance of a step by step guide as the manual is a waste of time!


if you play one season then they become available at the end of season witht the new lot of unbelongings. thats wat happened with me now I am the top scorer in master league with erm me lol and my midget right winger who is the smallest i can get with a fat head and looks funny with untuckd shirt and undershorts
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