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Editing the names of national teams


15 April 2004
I would like to change the names of some of the national teams for PES 4.

WEBR editor does work but I've noticed none of the changes are registered in the option file. I realize that national teams can be only changed by altering the PES.exe file but I am wondering if there is a way of having the changes included in the option file as well. Otherwise, it can be quite cumbersome.

In my case, in order to include the Ivory Coast squad in the game, I changed their nationalities and gave them Jamaican citizenship. Then using WEBR editor, I changed the name of the Jamaican squad to Ivory Coast. Surely, there is an easier way of doing this -- at least I hope there is.

As an aside, I tried using hex editor, but have failed miserably. The altered PES.exe file doesn't work; it crashes before the game is even launched.

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.
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