EditPES4OptionFile 0_text crash


30 July 2004
Charlton Athletic
can some shed some light on this problem, when ever i try to preview faces on EditPES4OptionFile v1.35, it crashes, except on the AC Milan players, why is this?


26 December 2002
Hi mate. That sounds strange, I've been editing (stats, appearances, transfers, formations etc of every single player/team in the game) 24/7 for almost a week now and it's never crashed on me. It only crashed the first couple of times, but that was because I loaded the 0_text.afs of WE8LE. The PC 0_text.afs works fine. From you posting here in the PC section I take it that it's the PC 0_text you've loaded up? If it is then I have no clue what the problem could be sry :\
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