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eFootball PES 2020 Discussion Thread (PC)


17 May 2020
Hi, Im new here. I would like to know if there is possible that the sleeve badge can change if yout promote to Frist division like Premiere League, Ligue 1 or Italian League.

You know, is a little bit annoying to see the same badge when you were promoted.

Thank you in advance,
Hi does anyone have solution for this kind of issue?

Thanks in advance


16 June 2007
Manchester United
does the other person need PES?
Bit late, but the other person doesn't need to own any of the games that the host has. I've been using some form of Nvidia's game share (Moonlight as of late) for the past 3-4 years. It's truly a god send for those of us who enjoy co-op career/ML, but don't have anyone to play with locally.


League 1
9 September 2018
Does anyone find that if you change settings before playing (game speed, camera settings, match length etc) the responsiveness improves compared to not changing them?

For example if I play anything, kick off, league, cup or ml and carry on from where I left of it feels slow and unresponsive. And the match speed just feels strange. If I change a setting before playing it fixes it?!?! It’s like it wakes up! I’ve started changing the gamespeed before the match and then correcting as I kick off and get it seems to work.

It’s probably a placebo but I find it strange!


14 May 2007
what's the best camera settings option do you guys prefer to use as default for every game ?
as I don't want to manually edit camera settings for every stadium I play on, or is their a mod that might do this ?
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