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"Elastico" (or flip flap) move with custom players



Hey, ive created a player with very high attributes on pes5 :D

If you press :l1: x3 with Ronaldinho or C.Ronaldo they always do the stepover, then the flip flap (or elastico). However if i press :l1: x3 with my custom player (which is supossedly better than both the above players), he will only do the stepover?! :( .

Maybe the dribbling style you choose for your player makes a difference?

This is probably a very n00b question with a very easy answer \\:o/


Stringer Bell said:
You have to create your player over a player who can do the elactico (i.e. C. Ronaldo).
ahhhh cheers, well that sucks :( Shame you cant select it as one of those attribute stars :(


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8 August 2004
just base copy Ronaldinho or something and you're sorted... can you do the same with players who have earrings though? like if i base copied Adriano would his earrings remain even if I totally changed his appearance?


Does base copying actually work. Many people have said that it doesn't work.

EDIT: I've tried just now and it doesn't work??????
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It definatly does work. I've done it a few times with players.

I cant remember how to do it exactly cos my PS2 is broke and i aint played in ages. Its all to do with where you take the default player from.

I realise this is very vague, but trust me it really does work.
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