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England will win the world Cup in a final against Germany


Allez les Lionceaux !!!
12 September 2002
This thread could be in the "other games" section aswell.
Just been reading this month's Four Four Two, they asked SI Games to play a World Cup with Football Manager.

The result: England will win the final against Germany.

They tried three times, three times the final was between England and Germany and England won two out of three...

England - Germany 2-2 (England win 4-2 with penalties)
England - Germany 2-0
England - Germany 4-4 (Germany win on penalties, commentary of FOur Four Two: that one is probably the most realistic, but balls to that).

Well lets hope formost people on this forum that Football Manager is accurate and that this is a forecast of things to come...

Nothing against ngland but i hope Holland will win it and that The African teams will do good (according to Football Manager only Ivory Coast will perform reasonably, they will reach the Quarter Finals where they will be beaten by England in a penalty shout-out after a 0-0 result).

The teams that will progress:



Ivory Coast


Czech republic



Saudi Arabia

Second round results:

England - poland 3-1
Portugal - Holland 1-0
Ivory Coast - Mexico 3-2
Brazil - Czech Republic 2-0
Croatia - Italy 1-0
Spain - Switzerland 2-0
France - Saudi Arabia 1-0
Germany - Sweden (they forgot to print that one, but Germany will win)

Quarter Finals:

Germany - Portugal 2-1
Brazil - France 2-0
Spain - Croatia 3-0
England - Ivory Coast 0-0 (3-0 on penalties)


Germany - Brazil 1-0
England - Spain 4-1

One thing to mention: they played the tournament 3 times and every time this resultedin a Germany-England final...


1 January 2003
yeah and i've just won the premier league on pes5 with liverpool beating chelsea 3-0 at stamford bridge on the last day, never gonna happen in real life though

it's just a game and has no bearing on real life, england will struggle to get past the quarter finals and with a bad result against paraguay they may not even qualify from the group

as soon as we come up against a world class team we'll get beat


Silent Assassin
1 October 2003
Manchester United
hutch said:
Brazil will win it playing in barefeet and blindfolds.
...on one leg which by the way will be tied to a chain with a bowling ball at the end.


All-round Bastard
11 April 2005
I'm confident England will do very will in the WC, we have the best set of players I've seen in all my life. Got a great keeper in Robbo, great defence with Rio, Terry + co. An exceptional midfield with Becks, Lampard, Gerrard and J.Cole who is probably been one of the players of the season. Now we have a great player who can play on the left.

Then upfront we have Owen and in my opinion the best young player in the world...Rooney. Rooney likes the big stage and he proved at Euro2004 he can perform in the major comps. Yes we'll need a bit of luck and Brazil are still my favourites. But who would of thought France and Argentina would go out in the first round last time. It's football and strange things happen like Greece winning Euro2004....no-one could of predicted that.

Thing is England never get much luck, we always seem to go out either by peno's or get perfectly good goals disallowed, even Maradona knocked one in with his hand and got away with it lol.

But we might get knocked out first round cos our group ain't as easy as our silly media make out. But with the players we've got and the way their playing running upto the the WC you have to say we've got the best chance in years. But like I said if Brazil play like they can then no one else has a chance.


All-round Bastard
11 April 2005
Milanista said:
The same thing has been said since 66'... without success ;)
I know :lol: but I've never seen a better collection of players than this and I'm just hoping we get a bit of luck and our key players perform. :)


Silent Assassin
1 October 2003
Manchester United
As biased as I am about this, the confidence and momentum the current England team have would convince any fan that they could win the tournament.
Unlike in the past, this current squad is young and hungry for glory. We have good cover in most areas of the pitch and our starting eleven (on paper) is arguably the best and most complete team out there.

In the past, the teams that could stop us were the likes of Brazil, Argentina, Germany, etc. But now, the only thing that can get in our way is ourselves. Its all about how seriously WE take it and whether we f*ck up.


Mediocentro defensivo
13 July 2004
The draw was wrong: Brazil will have to play against the winner of "Winner Gr. H / Runner-up Gr. G". Given that France is not likely to be Runner up... it will be Brazil-Spain or Brazil-Switzerland most probably.


the only teams that can beat brazil, is italy and holland!!!
im will support my team till the end, and hope brazil win the WC one more time..
but to be trully, 4 times consecutives in the final is too much!!!
94, 98, 02 06???

if brazil loose for some time i will support holland, i think they deserve!!
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