Entrance Scene: No Team Lists Any More?

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Perky Intruder

I'm suprised no-one has mentioned this? The entrance scene doesn't show team lineups anymore, what's that all about lads?


16 July 2005
Kinda annoying at important matches although I used to skip them in most matches. You see the opposing team's line-up though but it's too short to really have a good look. It's on my screen for like 0.5 seconds. Might be due to faster loading with Harddisk but it's awkward.


17 September 2003
Uhn.. It kinda does... Shows the team's line-up and their position on the field. I turned off (as I aaaalways do) the Entrance Scene, so I wouldn't know it. By the way, is it just me or on bery beginning EVERY match each team's flag appears on their side? This used to be for Derby Matches only, but I think now it's universal...
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