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Error 1628 - Bug in PES5 Demo Install Solved!!


AglioEoliO - PesBrasil
24 April 2004
Sao Paulo
S.C.Corinthians Paulista
They who got this Bad message:

"1628 failed to complete instalation"

After trying to install PES5 Demo, I found a sollution reading some articles about this shhit. Thats how I´ve fixed:

0) Open Task Manager (Press Ctrl+Alt+Del) - The currently processes running will be shown
1) Run demo installer
2) Watch in the Task Manager when "idriver.exe" is loaded
3) quickly click on "idriver.exe" in task manager and close it (del)
4) Enjoy the SHow

Para portugueses e brasileiros:

0) Abra o genrenciador de aplicativos (Ctrl+Alt+Del)
1) Instale o demo
2) Veja no Gerenciador de aplicativos se é carregado o programa "idriver.exe"
3) Clique em "idriver.exe" e encerre ele (del)
4) Divirta-se


i have got another bug in pes5 demo its 1607:unable to install installshield scripting runtime.can u help?
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