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Retired Footballer
15 March 2003
Ah ah !! what a goal !

i see the famous british Darren Tulett AKA Austin Powers or the Playmobil :lmao:

Benjo, pourquoi tu capte canal + aussi mal ?


Nur der HSV
7 May 2003
Hamburg, Germany
Hamburger SV
That was brilliant. :lol:

Here, I have captured it with better quality and smaller file size. ;)

Sangogo Goal

Here's another goal which I have captured two weeks ago. Amazing shot/cross, who knows, by Piotr Trochowski also against DSC Arminia Bielefeld, probably luck though. :mryellow:

Trochowski Goal


PLF said:
Quality is shit for me Benjo but man what a goal!!!!!! :shock: :applause:
Quality is low because, it's a friend who took the movie with his camera ! He couldn't record this,with his tv card, don't know why ?.
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