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evo-league.com online ladder - ready for PES5!


18 March 2003
Hi pro evo fanatics,

we just wanted to let you know that www.evo-league.com now supports playing ladder games for PES5 on PC, PS2 and XBox. evo-league is a ladder system where you can register your online games against other league players to aim for the top spot each season. There are no fixtures, so you can play games with another league player anytime, and you can play as often as you like!

The central meeting point for all players is the newly introduced chat. You can find it at http://www.evo-league.com/Chat/chat.php or on Quakenet channel #evo-league in IRC.

To sign up, simply go to http://www.evo-league.com/join.php and follow the instructions. If you just want to catch a glimpse on what happened in the league, browse around our forums or visit the chat to voice your opinion and thoughts.

We're hoping to have another successful league year as the last one was with over 35000 ladder games, the different tournaments and the Goal of the Season competition, all built around a friendly and competitive community of over 1300 pro evo players.

We hope to see you there! ;)

(by courtesy of evo-web.co.uk staff)
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