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Evo Tour 2005 (Week 1)

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28 August 2002
Holio said:
The only way Stasman can play is do the rounds with someone or else we start cutting the lowest placed players off the tour, because as far as I know you can only have 8 then 16 players on an XSN event. Also when we were polling about how the tour would work Stasman never voted or posted in that thread, thus the 8 who voted went on the tour as such.

Any other ideas would be welcomed.
The latter part was the reason he was left out of the last tour. I have just setup Week 2 and he was also omitted. Although if CityFan doesn't fully complete the next tourny he will be dropped and replaced by Stasman.

As Holio said, if there are any alternatives to this then let me know.
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