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Evo-Web Allstars: The FIFA Club Thread


Champions League
16 April 2002
Guys, I am going to leave the club and maybe join another one just to see how it goes.

I've not been playing a lot of FIFA recently due to the games I got around christmas, but I didnt find the last few clubs sessions we had were really much fun, which in the end is what it should be about.

Anyway, I didnt want to just leave without saying why. Hopefully FIFA 11 will bring back the FIFA 09 experience before the glitchers.

You can still shoot me in MW2!

See you in FIFA 11 :)


I'd love to play Clubs again but it seems that most people have got bored of it, sold it or have been banned from Live :P.


17 August 2006
Manchester United
Maybe this weekend?

My VP is like 73 rating though cos I had to start again and couldnt be bothered building him up.

It was better in 09 where you just went a team.


Retired Footballer
6 May 2003
Charlton Athletic FC
73 is pretty good innit? As long as you're not 6"'6' with bright green hair I don't mind :DD.

How about Sunday night for some clubs?


1 January 2004
lol if only you lot had the ps3 version. i run a succesful club team who play almost every night yet this team was dead very early on for some odd strange reason


Cymru Am Byth
30 April 2002
Cardiff City
Leave the kid alone. He's a nuisance on PS3 too but doesn't deserve the shit he gets... Now piss off J and start playing properly on PS3 or I'm booting you out!! We aren't successful at all so stop talking bollocks!!!!!
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