Evo-web is almost 10!


19 December 2002
London & Milan
AC Milan
Tom, or Kezz for the sake of this thread, doesn't speak any other languages anymore. No one has ever seen his German since 2004.
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League 1
19 September 2015
Pretty sure I first came on here around 2006,can’t remember if it was related to the site but used to play on a pes ladder that was run through a pes launcher app, pes 5/6 days I think ,anyone remember this ?


4 September 2006
Chelsea FC
Came here in 2006 as well. Spent hours ripping .ISO files on burnt CDs trying to play the latest patch on PS2. Everytime there was a new adboard, balls or boot update, I'd rip them onto disc. Time flies. Thanks for everything, Tom, Chris, Buzzy, Hawke and the rest of the lads
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