Evo-web PS4 MyClub - for mature gamers only (idea proposition)


26 July 2018
Guys. I opened similar threads back on back when I was on pesfan. The idea was largely ignored so if this gets no takers - its all good. I'm prompted to retry here - A. the discussion here is more mature; B. PES 2019 will be free on PS Plus next month; PES 2020 may not be a vast improvement on 2019.

Even those who currently play MyClub can join - my idea requires making a fresh new MyClub account which will not disrupt your regular account.

If you're interested, this idea does not need to go live yet - waiting a couple of months til all the weekly agents stop may be helpful.

A few points :
- I've played MyClub non-stop between 2015-18.
- I tried a few weeks in an online league which had an administrator and transfer market.
- I play full manual controls.
- PES 2019 servers will switch off in about a years time.
- After breaking my MyClub addiction, I don't want to get readdicted - but I believe there is a good online game here when you switch off the addictive elements......hence the proposed rules which i'm laying out for discussion here....

- campaign goes live on xx.xx.2019 (preferably after weekly agents, GP campaigns and form changes have stopped)
- pass assist 0 matchmaking (indicators allowed for those who like some help or are new to full manual?, easier to matchmake)
- 1 match per week (this should be achievable for most - it also makes it easier to catch up on games if anyone's on holiday)
- season ends once all participants have completed their games - PES stats tracker will keep record of your top goalscorers, transfers etc.

hmmmm......if we start with 0 GP then we'll largely be playing with samey white ball squads.....how could we get around this? we could say that the time for pre-season transfers is from now til campaign start date? not sure.....

anyways just an idea
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26 July 2018
I wondered where this thread was going for a minute.

turn out it was fake news after all. PES 19 is no longer going to be a free game on PS+.

this thread could've taken off - it didn't - and now i'm 100% glad it didn't.


26 July 2018
looks like there's currently a MyClub campaign offering Lv1 black balls.

could be a way to mitigate the team variety issue at startup .

also i think this year they do "duplicates"? [not sure if this means you can have a player in your squad at different levels?]

we could have a rule of certain numbers of coloured balls in starting line up and each player can only be Lv1-10? would mean using your options wisely.

anyways, i'll try to be logging in daily on PS4 to grab these free Lv1 blacks in case anything becomes of this thread.
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