Evo-Web Self Introduction Thread!

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21 February 2003
Ok, so using an idea that one of our long time members mentioned in another topic, this thread is for introducing yourself if you're new, or maybe even re-introducing yourself if you've been here a while but realise people are ignoring you and your crazy viewpoints. ;)

To get the ball rolling why dont I do myself........

Right, now thats taken care of, I'll introduce myself now too:

I'm Dar, from Dublin Ireland. In my final year of my Engineering degree and working my ass off at the moment trying to get my thesis started and also study for exams in January. I began my online PES love affair on GameFAQs, along with a few other golden oldies you find around here. Migrated to these here boards a couple of years ago when the FAQs became.....to put it politely, shite. ;)

Well thats me, not much else to say right now, so the rest of you, get on with it. :D


Champions League
23 October 2004
Liverpool FC
Cheers Dar and nice to make your acquaintance.:D I'm crayon (obviously not my real name - that'd be stupid...)from Michael Owen's area (about 3 miles or so in it) in North Wales, having moved back here from Japan earlier this year. I've just been accepted on a primary teacher training course for next year and in the meantime am filling in temping. Came across Evo-Web whilst looking for patches, got hooked on the post count (until they took it away) and now use it as an electronic security blanket.....

Oh yes, I almost forgot - I'm 32 and altho I am often on the internet I do have a life outside (apart from playing crap at pes5 etc) and am in a long-term relationship (no kids) with she who will remain anonymous, but not yet married.
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i'm 32, from northern ireland.

i'm an air-traffic controller (radar control) working in west drayton - about 5 minutes from heathrow. i live in virginia water, surrey.

have a 3 year old son, called ben who lives in belfast with his mother.

joined the forum on the release of pes1 way back at the end of 2001 when i was trying to work out why the game was so shite after the ps1 versions!


Bungie's Bitch
28 August 2002
I'm 27 from Hampshire.

I am a Team Leader working for IBM, I've been there for almost 10 years now and I still love it. I am married and have a daughter who will be 2 in February. I can't remember why I joined this forum, and I can't remember why I keep coming back - must be something in the water.


4 March 2002
I'm 25 from Holland,
Working for a post/mail delivery company as a manager, trying to get my deliverers deliver their mail in time. I'm single and I really fancy Chris Wright, but that's a dream that will never come true.
I came here March 2002, because Cosa (old time member) told me it was a nice site with a lot of info about PES. I used to be a very popular member in the off topic section and almost became a mod at one time.
Most of my Evo-Web friends are either banned or they've just quit posting. I'm an old dinosaur in between expensive, hyper modern buildings so to say.
Most of my time as a member I've spend in the OT, which used to be a great place. I wish we could bring the old magic back. But even though CW and I have intensive e-mail contact, it has never come to that. Maybe the future will bring us more, who knows?


19 December 2002
London & Milan
AC Milan
17, from Milan...although when I joined here in 2002, I was living in Toronto, but I was born in Hong Kong and had originally lived in Milan before. Im almost done my final year of A levels, off to university in September.

I started off at GameFaqs when I discovered Rh4ps0dy (legendary patcher), who had created a patch for Winning Eleven 5 FE. I remember seeing ClassicD , at the time DanBhoy, post something about a tutorial or something similar, telling people to go on evo-web, so I came over here.. and somehow im still here.


Allez les Lionceaux !!!
12 September 2002
Great that somebody started this thread.

Well i'm Gerd or Stan (depending from which cpu i visit). I'm Belgian.
I'm afraid i must be the oldest member of this forum: i'm 43 years old.
I have two kids: Ellen who is nearly six years old and a young rascal called Thomas who will be 3 years old in a couple of months.
In the outside world i work for the Flemish national coucil housing society, i'm responsible for everything that is related to welfare, well being and health.
Currently i'm working on a rather big project concerning football in "ghetto's" (not real ghetto's, that's exagerated).
I first came her round 2001 as gerd because i discovered PES round that time...i'm an avid ML player although pretty average (if not crap).
Other things i like: music, reading and cooking.


20 July 2005
Lima, Perú
I'm Ari-Glavisted from Lima - Peru, born in San Francisco - USA. I'm a medicine student of San Martín University, I signed here in November 2003 as Glavisted, by some problems I register me again in July 2005 as Ari-Glavisted. I work in databases for the game and I think this site is quite appropiate to extract information and I'm thanked for that.


C Dub
Founding Member
6 October 2001
I`m Chris and I have been here since the site was born way back in October 2001 (I cant believe it was that long ago). We started off slowly and the when the whole aspect of game editing took off so did the site.

I am 29 (soon to be 30 ) and work in a Newsagents with my Dad. I tried a few jobs over the years and at the moment I am happy with what I am doing


30 March 2003
London -> New York -> San Francisco
Liverpool FC
My nickname's Rocky (yes, my parents named me after the film). I'm 24 and currently in my fourth year of hell (aka Engineering at Oxford). My love for ISS started with ISS Deluxe on the SNES. Although, IMO, none of the latest incarnations recreated my excitement since ISS Pro'98, I still play them once in a while.

My other interests are Movies and Mr.T


Seems I am the youngest! I am Kalvin from Hong Kong. A 13-year-old F.2 student having Mid-Year Exams in the following 2 weeks. Join Evo-web because of the s**t (I swore I would never say any rude words ;) ) game - Ball Revolution 2005 led to Dart Wagner's balls.


out the window
8 August 2003
Madeira, Portugal.
FC Porto
Well hi again. I'm 21, currently living in Madeira, an island of Portugal, but was born on Curacao (on the Caribbean Sea). I'm currently unemployed but i'm studying at late afternoons.
I join way back in August 2003, when I accidently found this when looking the rosters for WE6:FE and found out how to put patches on WE/PES!
I keep coming back here more because of Football discussions but every now and then I jump on the entertainment sections.


Im Lee from the Leeds area (West Yorkshire), im a student and a huge Leeds United fan as you can see from my name lol. I have Pro Evo on the xbox and enjoy playing it (Along with Football Manager 2006)


Silent Assassin
1 October 2003
Manchester United
LOL Revan, you're introducing yourself 2 years after you joined? I think people know you by now (of course not on a personal level).
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21 February 2003
RuneEdge said:
LOL Revan, you're introducing yourself 2 years after you joined? I think people know you by now (of course not on a personal level).
Why dont you read the first post? :roll: ;)


5 July 2004
Coventry, UK
Hi, I'm Steve (not alot of people know that ;)) AKA the Flawless Cowboy. If someone can tell me where I got my online alias from, you can have.... a cookie.

I'm 19 and from a village called Hurley in the West Midlands. I fell in love with the PES series when a friend at school leant me PES1. I soon began posting on the PES forums on GameFAQs along with Dar (I think anyway, it was a while ago!) and some way or another, I stumbled across Evo-Web, probably through Dar also.

I'm a self confessed geek. I love all things computery (is that a word?) and I cannot live without the internet. I play on XBox Live alot, aswell as online PC games such as Battlefield 2, Day of Defeat and Counter-Strike.

I love my music, especially rock (but I do listen to everything). One of the best experiences in life is seeing your favourite band live, and ever since I saw Coldplay at the NIA way back in 2000 I think it was, I find myself going to at least 1 gig every month (check my sig for bands I'm seeing next!).

I'm currently working at Sainsburys (woo hoo :roll: ) 4 days a week, after finishing my A Levels in Media Studies and English Language last September. I plan to go back to college in September to do a course in Media Production and hope to some day work in the media.


is back...but for how long?
27 November 2001
East Lower, Block 13
Arsenal FC
I'm 32 and from Basingstoke in Hampshire.

For my job, I am a Systems Administrator working with boring things like Windows Server 2003, when it gets too much I reach for Evo-web which I joined way back in Nov 2001. I happened to stumble across it looking for help with PES1 which I found to be very different compared to my favourite football game of all time - ISS Pro Evolution 2 on PS1 which I dust off and play every now again (still!).

I support Arsenal and have a season ticket in the Clock End, hence my alias. Looking forward to sitting in our shiny new stadium in August.

I got married fairly recently, July 2005. No kids as yet!

I used to be called Butatista on Evo-web (which I grew to hate so I changed it). Butatista was actually the name of Gabriel Batistuta in PES1, it just tickled me when the commentator said it in the game, thats why I picked it when registering.


9 January 2002
FD, 33, live in Glasgow. Married in May 2005 and we're expecting our first child sometime in March (28/3/06 tbe). Work as an office manager in the City Centre. Support Celtic, although gave my season ticket book up at the end of season 2004.

Have been here for a number of years now, 4 is it? The game was the reason I found it, just did a search and this site came up. Still love the game to bits, although granted not as much playtime as previously. Actually we had a little mini tournament held at my house 2-3 years ago involving some Scottish members which was a good laugh.

In terms of the site, Off-Topic was the place to be, but that has gone majorly downhill, still keep up with some PES/WE talk and other games talk as well as some entertainment, but mostly footy talk.



Serie A
19 August 2003
Dominic from the Netherlands, being half Dutch and half German.
I am 17 years old. I am in my last year of school, final exams coming up.
Came across this site, when I was looking for some info on the then upcoming PES3.
I quickly 'settled' on the site and never left. Nowadays I generally visit the football section only.

The Original Spikester

Hello, well, I am yet another 32 year old here (what happened to our year at school fellas?!).

First drew my lovin' for Konami back on the SNES with ISS, been sticking with PES ever since.

My nickname in footy is Spike, as one team had far too many people with my name and someone also had my initials - you can have a guess at why Spike stuck.

Found this place through Gamefaqs, was there in the golden years, when Mart used to confess to being the lead designer behind the Army Men games, Dar would help me out with telling me how to fiddle PES into two player ML, Teacher would give out apples and we'd all go and prestend to be Yanks on the FIFA board to talk about Soccerball, why they should introduce zonal goals and how Aston Villa was the best London team...*sigh*

Live & work in London, event manage at a trade association.

Have a bird on the go, but no kids.

I got here through Dar, as he rightly puts it, faqs is pants these days, you can find me baiting the septics on the WOT board, which I do for kicks :D


Ban Master
27 December 2001
West Ham United FC
Hello all, I'm Holio, or Judge Shredd if you've met me on Live, or Carl if ya know me ;).

I'm 30 and live in Hillsborough in Norn Iron, so no one jumped more the night that Norn Iron beat England than me......... twas just so impossible to believe at first.I work in the agricultural sector, hands on of course, but like to think of myself as a specialist vehicle driver or other kinda bobbins title ;) but I'm just a farmer really. ALLLLRRRRIIIGGHHHTTTTTEEEERRRRRRR.

Have been here for years, arrived here in Dec 2001, think it was on the 27th but cant remember for sure, like alot of others in this thread it was a t'internet search that brought me here looking for tips with PES, having had played ISS PE and then the greater ISS PE2 the first incarnation on the PS2 was a different game altogether.

Was very quiet back then, and alot of people from them days have long dissappeared, namely SocketMonster / Brain Candel or whatever he called himself in the end who actually did start the site with El Wrighty-O.

Was made a Mod ages ago now, and started just in the Other Games area, which is mainly were I stay, I have ventured into the editing areas a few times, and just get stunned at the work those people do and put in, tis beyond a hobby lads, its a feckin cult!!!!!!!!! So hence to say I have never ever played an edited WE/PES in my life ever. Now a Mod all over the place now and some are even a surprise to me.

Suppose I've ranted on here long enough, so I'll head on. See ya soon somewhere on the boards.


Champions League
8 August 2003
Im Jamie 28 from Manchester, im a middle manager at British Gas, and am the forums number 1 Man City fan.

I found this place through isssextreme in the we6fe days been playing pro/evo iss from the snes days!


6 August 2004
my name is, well....bradley. i discovered this site looking for news on pes4(or so the date would suggest) i used to be on here quite a lot but my computer bust in early-mid 2005 so i obviously stopped posting.

damn, what the hell happened to off topic, it used to be so... funny.


jamie_mack said:
Im Jamie 28 from Manchester, im a middle manager at British Gas, and am the forums number 1 Man City fan.

I found this place through isssextreme in the we6fe days been playing pro/evo iss from the snes days!

tsk tsk JM - dont hold back. How could you fail to mention that yo8u were the man behind the cliff-hsnging, nail-biting ADULTERY thread?? lmao. Those were the days! :mrgreen:


Oh - My name is Suhaib Ghazi. I am a 33 year old corporate lawyer in Chicago. I just finished a masters degree at night in Commercial Real Estate Law.

Been on here for a few years. Just found it on an internet search. When i first got here i got into all kinds of "fights" with some of the English members on here cuz there seemed to be some US-UK friction goin' down. lol. It's all so funny now.

Love Liverpool FC, the Bears (doh!) and the Colts (doh!). I've never met anyone from this site before, but i've received strange calls from former EVO LEGEND Gunnerglory, and a random call from some dude in England last year when i posted my cell number for fun. lol. Crazy kids. . .

I have a twin bro (in the pic he has hair) named USAMA which is always interesting during the travel season and in small towns in America.

I can no longer get on this site at work, so my face time is shrinkin' here. . .lucky for all of you.

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