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Evo-Web Warez/Piracy Rules And Policy

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12 December 2001
Here they are again since many new users don't seem to care about reading our board rules.

Warez/Piracy Rules And Policy

1. Don't post links leading to illegal materials (e.g. game images). This includes: No sites, no torrent links, no FTP addresses which promote and/or support illegal activities.

2. Don't ask for illegal materials. This means: Do not ask for any links related to anything mentioned above in our forums.

3. Don't PM other users asking them to send you or where to get illegal materials mentioned above.

4. No fecking warez talk AT ALL! This includes "It's out on the web!" talk!

Users breaking one of these rules will find themselves banned from our boards.


As of today (1st October 2013), No-DVD cracks are explicitly excluded from our warez policy. This means you may talk about cracks and you may even link to them as long as those links don't lead to any place or websites which also offer full game images of PES or any other games.

This has always been a rule that's been biting our asses for a very long time. On the one hand we're bound to respect certain rules to remain in good standing with Konami and our server host, on the other hand, well, our site is dedicated to editing a game series we all love since the PS1 era.

This place has produced so many great patches and features which have brought joy to thousands of players since 2001 and hopefully still continues to do so. But lets be honest: If it weren't for the usage of cracks which are/were included in numerous patches and patching tools, maybe none of this all would have been possible.

We, the staff, need to stop being blind on one eye. We've always silently accepted cracks to be part of many files, yet we've still banned many people who've openly talked about or linked to them. This nonsense ends today and I'm sorry for the mess this has caused in the past.

Happy cracking,

Rule Revision Regarding Cracks 28/10/16 (PES2017/18/19)

As most of our members will know..since the 1st of October 2013 we have allowed cracks to be posted & discussed here at Evo-Web. The reason for this was simple..most tools/mods etc required them in order to work correctly..Kitserver/File Loader/Gameplay Patches are good examples of this. We will still be allowing this for PES 6 through to PES 2016 but we are introducing a rule change in regards to PES 2017. PES 2017 at this moment in time does not require a cracked exe in order for mods/patches to work..Nesa's Gameplay Patch/Camera Tool & Sides Un-Locker are verified proof of this as they work perfectly fine with the original PES 2017.exe. The crack that is flying around the internet & being posted here at Evo-Web is not a cracked exe needed for the benefit of modding ..it's a steam/genuine game bypass that is made for the sole purpose of not having to purchase the game..it does not benefit modding in any way & is therefore not allowed to be discussed or posted here. Members doing so from now on will be dealt with accordingly.

NOTE: This also applies to PES 2018 & PES 2019..No crack links/No crack requests..No crack talk.

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