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EvoAddiction Online League (PC) & (PS3)


6 October 2009
Hello to all. Just a quick heads up that EvoAddiction are currently looking for some new members to join their PES 2010 online league. This year we will be supporting both the PS3 & PC formats. If you are intrested in joining our league please visit our website: www.evoaddiction.co.uk Will hope to see some of you again soon.

Thank you



Can pc users play againts ps3 users like in PES5?
That was PES6, and it was a brilliant feature, especially as most of my mates had PS2s and I didn't :APPLAUD:.

I think PES6 was the only game with inter-platform online play, it will probably never happen again now... :(


League 2
21 December 2009
London, UK
Sorry Evoaddiction, it seems your league thing is a flop.

I think its beacuse you came onto one of the most popular PES forums and asked people to register to yet ANOTHER forum to then play in your League.

Just join forces with jaykayzer,

Evoaddiction join the Evowebbers community league is up and running in its early stages,

also do you know if people still play PES6 online anymore, that cross-platform online play is interesting, didnt know that.
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