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EWP 06/07 - The Final Table

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C Dub
Founding Member
6 October 2001
1st - Mack - 202
2nd - Metallica - 194
3rd - Stan - 184
Clockender - 180
LemonJelly - 177
Tim7 - 174
CWright - 163
Holio - 151
Sabac - 150
Glavisted - 133
Swilly - 120
Ad16 - 102
Crespo - 91
Big Boss - 76
Inter211 - 71
Massacre_1907 - 65
Zer0x - 45
Joe - 42
Nickybaker - 30
FD - 19
ainslm - 7
Mastermind - 5
KingJames - 5
beboquintero - 4
chimpfish - 3
Abhishek - 3
crayon - 2
Babi - 2
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C Dub
Founding Member
6 October 2001
Re: EWP 06/07 Table - After the FA Cup Final

and we are left with the Champions League Final, its now between Mack and Metallica
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C Dub
Founding Member
6 October 2001
There is your final table people, congratulations to Mack for winning it and for Metallica for pushing it right to the end


Whoosh... Bullshit!
20 August 2003
Pissed up in Sam Platt's
Well done Mack, I suppose I just couldnt keep up with your consistent predictions but I tried my best :). Dont worry though ill be there next season pushing for glory!. Oh by the way this is the only way you will see City above United in a league table ;) just kidding mate well done


Champions League
8 August 2003
Cheers mate you had me worried at one point when you closed the gap to two points, and Clockender had a big surge towards the end but i managed to hold on! Your right about the City bit open top bus ride round Manchester it is! :)


13 November 2006
Well done Mack, Metallica and Stan for 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. And good work on predicts to CW. :)


is back...but for how long?
27 November 2001
East Lower, Block 13
Arsenal FC
Well done Mack you took my crown, well played!!

I will be back though next season to hopefully re-claim it!

Thanks Chris for an excellently run comp. :applause:


Retired Footballer
8 January 2002
Over the moon
KRC Genk, Spurs
Congratulations to everyone, but especially to Mack and Metallica...as for my third play: with a litle luck much is possible...
Next year i will finish lower...
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