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Me and my friend play Champions League, we play konami cup group stages, repeat process and add up results, then we do a draw for the Round of 16 (Knock-out home and away), then another draw after that for Quarter-Finals and Semis. This is all on 6 stars

So here is the start here is how the draw went to make the groups I am Benfica and my friend is Celtic

Group A Group B
FC Bayern Barcelona
AS Monaco Inter
Celtic Benfica
Rosenber Fenerbache
Group C Group D
Chelsea AC Milan
PSV Manchester United
FC Porto Olympiacos
FC Kopenhagen Dynamo Kiev

Group E Group F
Real Madrid Liverpool
Villareal Lyon
Ajax Feyenord
Werder Bremen Paris St. Germain

Group G Group H
Juventus Arsenal
AS Roma Valencia
Galatasaray Rangers
Schalke Besiktas JK

FC Bayern 0-0 Celtic
The first game was Bayern vs Celtic it ended 0-0 with both teams having some chances and then Celtic almost scoring a goal but Aliadiere missed the follow up. Best chances of this game went to Hartson and Alidiere. Hartson struck the post from 5 yards out after a Petrov cross, and Aldiere couldn't put the ball into an open net from outside the box.

Barcelona 1-2 Benfica
Benfica went up 1-0 by a goal from Robert
after a while Ronaldhino scores an outstanding free kick ten minutes later benfica strikes again with great buildup and a own goal by puyol. Player of the game was Robert because he scored an outstanding goal after it was fed to him from Simao.

Rosenborg 0-1 Celtic
Early pressure from Celtic, creating 2 clear cut opportunities and both missed. Then, finally after a spell of dominance, Celtic strikes with a beatiful piece of skill from Aldierre and he puts it away calmly. Nakamura had a beautiful free-kick that the Rosenborg keeper saved and that brings us to the end of the 1st half. The 2nd half was very dull because all Celtic wanted is to hold on to a win.

Fenerbache 0-2 Benfica
Benfica started off very good with a nice run by Miccoli and a shot with a save by rustu but Nuno Gomes almost scores with a follow up. After that action it was all Fenerbache for the first half. Then in the 2nd half Benfica got it 2gether creating some good chances and Robert almost scoring of a freekick. At the 75th minute the Benfica manager makes a change in the striker position Nuno Gomes out Mantoras in.. in the following corner kick Mantoras scores a header 2 minutes later a great trough ball by Simao puts Mantoras through and for his 2nd goal of the campaign. Player of the Game MANTORRAS

Celtic 0-0 AS Monaco
Celtic, only needing a draw in this one, held Monaco to a scoreless draw. That's all there is to say about this game. very dull.

Benfica 1-1 Inter
This game was magnificent Benfica started off very good creating lots of chances but one mistake led to a Adriano goal. Benfica did not let that put them down and after 2 minutes Mantorras strikes for his 3rd goal of the campaign and from then on Benfica just took control but just could not get that little something to get another goal

Me and my friend both are trough and both got second in our group

So the 2nd round draws are in and here are the restults

Celtic vs AC Milan
FC Bayern vs Liverpool
Ajax vs PSV
Chelsea vs Galatasaray
Inter vs Werder Bremen
Juventus vs Benfica
Lyon vs Olympiakos
Arsenal vs Rangers

AC Milan 1-1 Celtic (1st Leg)
Milan was expected to win at home against a weaker Celtic team, but Celtic stepped it up and controlled most of the game. Celtic had a 1-0 lead until the dying seconds and they got lucky and scored. Celtic manager was dissappointed.

Juventus 0-2 SL Benfica (1st leg)
Benfica started of strong again controlling and getting channces but not scoring. Then a substitute was made Nuno Gomes out Mantorras in. In the 49th minute a corner kick from petit ends up on the head of Mantorras and a goal for Benfica. Afterward Juventus started creating lots of chances but great saves by Quim did not let Juventus get the equalizer. A through ball from Mantorras to Miccoli ends up in the back of the net in the 88th minute securing Benfica the away win. Benfica Manager very please with his teams performance

Celtic 3-0 AC Milan (2nd Leg) [4-1 agg.]
Celtic came into the game a little nervous with a couple of early mistakes. Half-time ended in 0-0. Second half was pure dominance by Celtic. The only chance Milan had was a half-chance off of a Shevchenko free-kick. Hartson opened the scoring after a Petrov cross. The second goal came when Wallace crossed from the left and Cafu put it into his own net past Dida. Now that the game was in the bag, Celtic was even more confident and Hartson drew 3 defenders to him on the left on a break which left Nakamura with miles of space, Hartson played it across and Nakamura calmly stroked it past the keeper. Bye-bye Milan.

SL Benfica 3-0 Juventus (2nd leg) [5-0 agg.]
'8 Geovanni
'14 and '45 Mantorras

This was all Benfica coming out very strong scoring 2 goals in the first 15 minutes and then putting the icing on the cake just before the end of the 1st half the manager was very happy knowing his team just man-handled a very strong italian side and did not concede one goal against them very good 2nd round by benfica bye-bye Juventus

And now the quarterfinals draw is in, here are the results.

Celtic vs Arsenal
Chelsea vs Lyon
Inter vs Bayern Munchen
SL Benfica vs PSV

Celtic 0-1 Arsenal (1st Leg)
Celtic came out swinging. Arsenal confidently played it around for a while. Then, they scored in the first half. Celtic tried to equalize, but Nakamura's poor form didn't allow them to do so. Celtic is one foot out of the Champions League.

Benfica 3-1 PSV (1st Leg)
45' Miccoli
49' Mantorras
64' Robert

The game was very dull in the first half no chances for either team. But then something sparked in the Benfica offence and lead to a goal by Miccoli. Shortly after the beginning of the 2nd half Mantorras decided he was going to put Benfica up 2-0 and then Robert scoring a header of a corner kick put the icing on the cake. In the dying minutes of the game Beasley scores a header to get PSV one away goal which might help them

Celtic 2-0 Arsenal
Celtic playing this one away with a big dissadvantage having conceded a goal away and losing it 1-0. This game, Celtic had to make sure to come out guns blazing and scoring early. That is just what they did. Thompson was put thru on the far left flank and his speed allowed him to cut it inside and put Celtic up just after 11 minutes. Celtic was now confident and they started passing it around and after just 4 minutes, Zurawski found the net with a simple finish. Then 20 minutes from time, Arsenal got an unclear PK. It was unclear even what it was for, there was no tackle whatsoever. But, the Celtic keeper showed off his ability and guessed right with the combination of streching far right to block it and it was cleared. Celtic then just played possession and was happy to make it to the semi-finals where they will either face Chelsea or Lyon.

Benfica (5) 2-0 (1) PSV
10' 70' Nuno Gomes

Well the game started of with Benfica just nocking the ball around very nicely and then a cross onto Nuno Gomes's head ended up in the back of the net. Benficas manager decided to play counter attack and it showed right there it was a good decision. PSV not really having any chances were very dull and gave up a P.K which Nuno Gomes finished. Benfica will be either playing Bayern or Inter

And the results are in from the other games and here are the semi-final matches

Celtic vs Chelsea
Inter vs Benfica

Celtic 1-0 Chelsea
23' Nakamura
Celtic came out on a high note into this one. They started out pretty good by playing it around in Chelsea's half and creating one or two decent chances. On the other side of the pitch, Chelsea looked to be more dangerous and created 2 clear-cut chances. Celtic were perhaps a little lucky not to concede a couple. Celtic then scored. Nakamura played it to Hartson and Hartson played it right back into Nakamura's path and he shot it very nicely to put Celtic up. The rest of the game was all Celtic. They created 4 100% chances, but didn't capitalize and it might come back to bite them in the ass. It will be a battle at Chelsea's home.

Benfica 0-0 Inter (1st leg)
Well not much to say to the game the game was very dull. Not many chances were created and if there were chances it was Benfica. Benficas manager is dissapointed because this gives inter a very good chance since they did not concede a away goal. But after interviewing the players they say that they are ready to come out strong and score early in the game to win the game and move to the finals. Well Benfica has to play a good game and canot concede a goal vs inter because the game is at home. The manager added a few words " IF we score one goal it is over we are going to the finals ".

Celtic 3-1 Chelsea
37' Drogba
40' Lennon
45' Zurawski
88' Zurawski
Celtic thought it was over when Chelsea dominated and scored the first goal through Drogba, but managed to come back and pounce on Chelsea. After Celtic scored the equalizer, they knew it was over and they gained confidence to put in two more. Celtic is going to the finals.

Benfica (3) 3-0 (0) Inter
36' 63' Miccoli
90' Simoa

Well the managers words came true one goal and its over thats how the game was Inter had no chances and 3 beautiful goals puts Benfica to the finals. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE BENFICA OLE

Celtic vs Benfica THE FINALS
Well, this game started out in Benfica's favor. They totally dominated the first half. They had quiet a few chances through Mantorras, but failed to capitalize. It was scoreless in the first half. Then, in the second, Celtic picked it up just a bit and went on attack for a change. They created one good opportunity through Nakamura, but failed to score. Then finally Nakamura put it away after some good playing around and Celtic was up 1-0. After that, both teams found it hard to create any chances and Celtic were Champions.

Champions League Champions: CELTIC
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