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Fantasy World Cup 2010

Cesc Fabregas

15 June 2007
BVB / Arsenal
If somebody want to join, I created an evo-web league.
It works the same as Fantasy Premier League, the squads can
be made when all 23-men squads are out ;)

Go on http://www.fifa.com/, register and join McDonalds Fantasy League.

The league code: 46865-31843


aka... Indeedilidoodily
5 August 2005
Queensland, Australia
I'm in - is it a Classic or Head to Head? (stuffs me how they could do a head to head with a World Cup, can understand it with the EPL etc)


"Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can't Lose."
5 August 2005
Spurs, Suns and Cowboys
I'm in.

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20 September 2005
Chatbox, Brazil
sauce's skeptics :BOP: believing in not believing...

Is my squad all 1st team players? I'm not sure about some of them...

The bench is huge by the way, do we really need 23 players? I think I might get more super cheap ones like Tae Se.
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