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FantasyFC - FREE Fantasy Football site with Prizes!



Hey guys,

Just thought I'd let you know about a cool Fantasy football site I've been using for the last couple of seasons... http://www.fantasyfc.co.uk

It is FREE to play and includes all of the English Premiership as well as the Champions League, the UEFA Cup, the FA Cup and the Carling Cup (UK).

Definitely worth a look as there are some decent prizes up for grabs too!

I have set up a mini league that you can join by using the code:



27 August 2006
yeh, its better than the premierleague fantasy football, the player values are far more accurate and the point scheme is good, i'mm 11th on Fantasyfc, I'm enjoyin it a lot too.. its just a good site, fast and easy to use, but so complex with what u can change in your team and stuff.
are u on it ?
whats your team name?

mines Spudrifle's Spuds
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