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FAQs for PSP - Winning Eleven 10 Ubiquitous Evolution


13 April 2004
Dear all,
Im new to PSP and I just got one along with the only game which I would be playing - Winning Eleven 10 Ubiquitous Evolution.
However, to some extent to my horror, I feel that the gameplay is abit different and I cant really enjoy the game as much as I do via my PS2.
The main problem I guess is the controllers, PSP doesn’t have R2, L2 & the analog.
So my question is how do I do the
- 360 Zidane turn
- Hit n run
- Moving into good positions while the ball is in the air.
I hope anyone kind enough could provide me with a link to the Faq for PSP winning eleven and im still looking for an option file to convert jap names into english names.
Thanks a lot for your kind effort!!



14 August 2003
360 Zidane turn: you have to change your controller setup, move the player with the arrows and do the tricks with the analog (you have to do this in controller setup)
Hit n run: I hope someone can light us with this one
Moving in to good position = super cancel: you have to push triangle and circle at the same time

By the way, how good is this game? I have only PES6, and Im curious to see if this one is better, or if it feels diferent?


13 April 2004
Its not as good as the PS2 version. The "feel" is not there....
Any FAQs in the internet?

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