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Fat Joe



Dermot, stop being stupid.

Hawkings is clearly an obese black man.


2 August 2004
Fat Joe's heritage is Puerto Rican and Cuban I think.

What about Tiger Woods?
His ethnic make up is only one quarter African anyway. Hardly a black guy. Though this is at least more acceptable than calling Fat Joe black. :lol:

tiger is half white don.... :( his father is half black half white, and i believe his mother is half korean half white..
Tiger is almost as mixed as you can get.

His father isn't half white though. Unless by white you mean, non-black. ;) :lol:
If you mean caucasian though, that's not true.

His father is 50% African, 25% Chinese and 25% Native American.

His Mother is 50% Thai (Not korean), 25% Chinese and 25% Dutch!

So even his parents are very mixed let alone himself.

He often jokingly refers to his ethnic make up as "Cablinasian". :lol:

A term he made up himself :mrgreen: which is kinda of a summary for: (Caucasian, Black, American-Indian, and Asian)
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