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Tuzza jnr

On Pro Evo i was wondering who u all love to play with. You have got the obvious Ronaldinho, Zidane and so on but mine has got to be.......(dun dun duuun)

Ruud Van Nistelrooy.I just love his great skill of tap ins. He hardly ever misses and his headers are like bullets. Lobs are quality. And his trick shot hardly ever fails.

And because he always scores against y Mates

And i also wondered who your favourite Club and International Team was

Club Team is: R. Madrid.....There just outstandingly quick and with beckham in central midfield u created chances with the click of a finger.

National Team: England. One it is my Home Country and Two with Kieron Dyer on RWF he cuts in so easily and fires in goals from all angles And with owen on LWF another quick player and Fatboy (Rooney) In the middle he is unstoppable!

????????????????????????Whats Yours??????????????????????????????


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3 June 2004
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Really? I play with every other team except the ones that you like because... Well, no reason really.


Haha thats strange.. I play very often with the Netherlands but van Nistelrooy is really frustrating me! He only scores when it's a ball you CANNOT miss :lmao:


yak xbox suxxxxx!!!

we play we8:I friends house

Zidane favourite player he quick ball skill!



31 July 2005
may surprise a few of you but my favourite player is-


play him in an advanced striker position,goals galore.


3 August 2004
Newcastle United FC
Milner is the best young winger in my NUFC ml, he has almost outstandingly accurate and speedy dribbling.. and is only 19, so he's my favourite...
The most beloved club is Liverpool that i've been supportin' for many years until now, thou i'm not from Liverpool and not even english...
the favourate National team is Russia...)))
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