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Favourtie Books



I just started Mario Puzo The Godfather after that i think ill read The Last Don.

anyone recommend other Mario Puzo's novels.


both good

the stand or It buy stephen king are prob my fav


Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club is my favorite. It really sucks that he's become so popular with these wanna-be faux-fringe pricks who dont get understand that his books are attacking their kind of people in the first place. lol.

I also love Poe and Mark Twain.

Here are the 3 funniest books you will ever read:
Catch 22
Confederacy of Dunces
Thank You for Smoking.


4 March 2002
Milanista said:
Why would Catch 22 be funny?? Its more of a criticism to society.
hmmm, isn't that the case with the best comedian ever? Bill Hicks. Criticism and humour go well together. You'll see
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