FC Utrecht defender David di tomasso dies in sleep.

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KJH = The Hunter!
23 July 2003
The Netherlands
Ajax & Strasbourg
In the night from monday on tuesday the 26 year old Frenchmen David di Tomasso has passed away in his sleep. This must be a big shock for his friends and family and his teammates. Just two days ago he played in the 1-0 win over Ajax, it isnt known yet what caused his death. He formerly played for AS Monaco and Sedan, and was already a fan-favourite after only 1 season in Utrecht.

Just wanted to say RIP David, and wish strength to his family, friends and teammates...


Eusébio forever
6 April 2004
SL Benfica
OMG what the fuck was that? That's a stupid death.

Sinceraly life is a mater of death.

Rest In Peace.


Eusébio forever
6 April 2004
SL Benfica
I read yesterday in a portuguese newspaper, Di Tommaso died with a heart attack.

Bad Dream? :(


Champions League
23 October 2004
Liverpool FC
Sportsmen are so highly strung physically (with the exception of darts or snooker I guess), that sometimes their bodies do give up. RIP David.
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