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Features that should be brought back from PES 3-6 series!

PES Russia

PES Russia
17 January 2014
Hello everyone! The Russian PES community EvoPES (registered June, 2007 in the VK social network), supported by peskomment.ru, pesonline.com.ua, peswe.com has prepared for evaluation and discussion the following material under the title 'Features that should be brought back from PES 3-6 series'. The article is devided into themes and paragraphs for the purposes of comfortable reading. Enjoy your time!

We believe that this article deserves a place at your sites' front pages so more people could see it and maybe pass it forward to the game developers, because our goal is to get this message to Konami and remind them of the features that were playing an important role in the game once.

Fair play elements;
Players trying to do their best in each episode;
Fouls in attack stage;
The movements being less predictable and readable, decreasing the scripts’ influence, making the players react to the current situation, including their partners’ and ball positioning and make the best decision possible.
Easier players and ball controls, quicker movement, more agility.
Instant control response. It’s VERY important.
Enhancing physical contacts between players, making them as close to real as possible.
The crowd applauding to a good challenge.
If the team is currently losing, the players start to rush and press the opposing team.
Emotions. We need to believe the players are real.
After the ball goes out for a throw-in, the players remain on the same positions they were before, not where they should be by default.
Various camera angles for all the cut-scenes.
Enhancing the animation of the snow, adding the sound of the rain. Vapor from the players’ mouths in cold weather condition. The water splashes caused by ball’s and players’ movements. Weather changing during the game.
Repeating the highlights after each half, including those that for some reason weren’t repeated during the half.
Optional attendance.
Detailed statistics.
The AI chossing the starting 11 players according to the opponent’s line-up, trying to counter it and press the weaker points.
The R2+shot combo being less effective, because it’s way too broken.

The necessity to substitute an injured player.
Earning a throw-in by kicking the ball to the opponent’s leg.
Goalkeepers’ errors while trying to block or catch the ball, sometimes ending with a goal.
The referees signaling foul when the ball hits a player’s arm.
Players trying to maintain their balance after a physical contact.
Intentional AI fouls (e.g. to prevent one-on-one situation, etc.)
Quick restart after a foul.
Goalkeepers parrying the ball right in front of them.
Knowing that he can’t reach the ball, goalkeeper won’t jump for it.
Goalkeeper hitting the attacking striker with the ball while trying to kick it away.
Passive offsides.
The AI reading the situation and foreseeing its development without unnecessarily rushing around.
Defenders helping each other, trying to close the open zone as soon as possible. Instant clearance by hitting the ball out of play.
After being knocked out with a strong hit a player will fall to the ground.
The ball bouncing to the wrong side after a difficult shot.
The goalkeeper being unable to see the ball if a player disrupts his view.
Fouls while trying to take the better position before playing the ball.
AI simulating fouls.
A sudden injury caused by a careless movement.
Goalkeepers being able to touch the ball with their hands outside of the box, but being booked or sent off for that.

Bright-colored pitches of natural appearance.
The special fan-zones being clearly distinguishable.
Imitation of crowd’s movements.
The corner flags waved by wind.
Reporters’ cameras flashes.
Slow-motion replay.
Bandaging the harmed body parts.

OPTIONS (match menu, line-ups, other menus):
Personal appointments to players in attack (where to run) and defence (how deep the should be positioned).
The Substitution option in the pause menu.
Sets of created referees for each league with the option to choose one.
In the Free Trainig mode the possibility to replay a moment from a certain saved data point.
Variety of the crowd’s support to choose from, from quiet and barely heard to insanely loud and relentless.
Swithing off the map. Please.
Crafted TV pop-ups for each league.
Commentaries under each player's name after the match is over.
Ability to choose the crowd support sound (drums, tubes, songs, etc).

Adding to a national team any player that represents the country.
Full boots editor.

Training mode challenges.
Training suits.
Main team vs. substitutes training.
Countryside base.

What do you think of it? We are expecting your reply, as we are certain the work we've done deserves attention!

Discussion on other websites: http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/768...at-should-brought-back-from-pes-3-6-series/#0
Discussion on Twitter: https://twitter.com/EvoPES/status/560494644229079040
Our contacts: https://vk.com/evopes
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21 October 2011
United States
Chelsea, Spain
Can you please list which PES was those features introduced/exist in? I want to buy an old PES but dunno which one of PES 3-6 I should get.
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