fed up of fifa



Hey all pro evo fans, once again this year i have been let down by FIFA i know i have been blind i was on the fifa ea forum but i got banned for trying to help the mods this pushed me over the edge i am gonna trade in my fifa 06 to get pro evo 5 and i know its better i just try and think that every year maybe FIFA will be better but every year its the same pro evo walks over it and i know pro evo 6 will have so many more lisences and then FIFA will start to fade away:lol: :applause: i think i owe pro evo a try\\:o/


14 May 2005
Good effort son.

I played FIFA 06 for about an hour to really give it the benefit of the doubt but I just can't enjoy it. As much as they have tried to improve it the same old FIFA comes out.

You can't polish a turd!!


Allez les Lionceaux !!!
12 September 2002
FIFA: great game...
EA: great company
Real football fans play FIFA....Pro Evo sucks all the way

Explanation: zince every year there has to be one fool who is fighting wind mills and since embraceuk has already given up i thought that i could...nah..only joking.


thanks i mean cant wait for it now lol pitty i am gonna be on holiday when it comes out but hey worth the wait


6 March 2005
Man Utd
I rented Fifa yesterday and played a few hours on it to see what it was like. I mean it has tons of potential, the crowd and stadiums look class, they have tons of licences, commentary is miles better than PES/WE, presentation is pretty good and overall off the pitch it is a good game. But the problem comes on the pitch, it just feels to scripted. You dont really feel like you have 100% control of your player when you take a shot or cross etc and its just not that enjoyable. One of the main things i noticed was that stats in this game really dont mean anything. I mean every player controls the ball the same and players like Henry, Shevchenko etc are the same speed as any other player in the game. A big let down!!
Its probably the best Fifa out there considering the last few Fifas which were awful, but i personally think that PES/WE will always be that step ahead when it comes to gameplay, nothing comes close!!!

Thanks, Bye


wahey just visit this website look at the forum they all hate each other they all just bite each others heads off i mean not a good forum everyone is evil and its spam www.fifa06.ea.com then look at the fifa 06 forum


i agree with rickyric, welcome my friend to the complete football experiance. Pro Evo alwayz wins for me as the players animation and playablity are unmatched


25 July 2005
yeah i played FIFA 06 yesterday...well, it's not good enough. it has 4 type of controls.one of them is surely "a copy of PES control"..damn...at first i think it would be as cool as WE or PES..and you know what guys..WE9 is much better...much realistic...much enjoyable...i think FIFA is good in adding gametype such a manager mode only. Graphics and gameplay??? i still prefer PES5........


i felt the same after and hour or 2, but a few days later and im liking FIFA 06, i kid you not, im a PES fan but i picked it up for free in an offer and once i played online i was very surprised, EA have put together a better game this year and im happy, but hey, dont get me wrong, im sure PES5 will be far, FAR better in every way. so then, FIFA is good, PES is great.
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