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Feyenoord thrown out of UEFA Cup


10 December 2004
Stoke City
Yes just this season but can someone tell me the last time a club was kicked out of a competition??


19 March 2005
that's stupid , they should make the team play without supporter for one or more games instead of punishing evryone even the non guilty ones .
will PSG get thrown out as well for what happened against the israelian team ?


Mr. Scratcher
14 December 2004
Hm... It is a different case...
PSG case happened outside the stadium, it had not an impact with the game, and others... so i guess the entire case is for Police.

In this case, this was in the stadium, the game was stopped, the confusion started, etc. So i think it is a right decision. A team can't control their supporters, but the supporters also carry the name of the team.
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