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Come on you Reds!
5 November 2005
Forest, Bulls, Patriots
Anyone interested in some 1v1 friendlies before we all change over to FIFA 10? Good chance to get some practice in.

If you are, post your Evo-Web username followed by your PSN ID:


mjsmith2k - matt1986nffc

Feel free to add me if you want a game, I'm around most nights.



mjsmith2k - matt1986nffc
YoungGun_UK - YoungGun_UK
Lami - LamiPS
ryan437 - soccerdog23
Blaccat - blaccat
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23 February 2007
cool im currently at work so wont be home until another 3 hours (6pm EST or 11GMT) currently at work will any one be on at that time?


24 June 2008
I would like to organise a 2v2 friendly, its something I havent done.

Anyone interested?


Niche Football
28 May 2007
Man Utd, Juve
Played some good games v Matt and Ryan. Would love to play you again sometime :)

Playing a game of manual certainly feels different eh. Now manual coupled with 360 degrees would be awesome.


1 January 2003
only way to play the game imho

don't play online much cos it's pretty difficult to get a game with someone else using manual controls

my psn name is FiSh250505, i work 6am to 2pm so i'm normally online anytime between 3 and 7ish, if anyone fancies a game either pm me on here or message me on psn if you see me signed in


23 February 2007
ye played game with lami would like to get some more. so much fresher feeling than against assisted players all the time. 360 with manual does sound nice lami :)


23 February 2007
just had some very good games with blaccat and another friend of mine soccersensation. 2 v 1 need some more to run more pllz get interesting with more than one person on ur team . will be back later bout 8:45 PM EST if anyone want to have some games


League 2
30 January 2005
I am also a "manual" player. I dont use other controls, only manual cause i believe that this is the most realistic and entertaining way to play fifa.

If you are interested in finding other "manual" players or joining "manual" leagues then join http://www.tamfa.com/

T.A.M.F.A : The all manual football association.

In the above suggested site you will find plenty of manual players on the PSN mostly.
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