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Fifa 10 360 Knockout tournament semi/manual


No. 7
21 February 2005
Manchester United FC
Can I be Cruzeiro please?
I forgot I'm away for a week this Saturday (back next Sunday), hopefully that won't cause too much hassle...


9 June 2003
Blackburn, UK
Sorry I am away from home so asking this,

Are Bordeaux, Sporting Lisbon or Marseille 3.5 stars, if any of these are I will take one of these.

If not then will choose my team tomorrow evening.


Ban Master
27 December 2001
West Ham United FC
I will check now lad.

French clubs are 4.5 and SP.L is 4, they too strong for this tourny.
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2 August 2003
I'll take Preston if theyre not taken, should be back online by tomorrow night :)

EDIT: CW has Preston I see. In that case I'll go Ipswich please
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