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Fifa 10 360 Knockout tournament semi/manual


Retired Footballer
27 April 2002
Yeah added sorry mate

Jonney ill put you in for now and if you cant make it your opponet will get a bye ;)


Stretford End
9 August 2005
CD is seeing how this go's then is running a league if it all goes well i think :)

This is defo the way forward, online, with proper controls, against people who arent knobheads, in an organised way.

Good work organisers


A Bucket of Vindaloo
11 August 2003
Count me in if there's any places left. I'm at work so don't know what teams are 3.5 star, so just pick me any team...

Like Rob said earlier in the thread, full manual would be even better, because semi seems almost identical to manual.

Hopefully I get drawn against someone who prefers full manual too


2 August 2003
My highlight game of the round:

Jazz V Vin - one to watch, that will be dirty the old team mates going at it.


Retired Footballer
27 April 2002
Its just all default

We cant be changing the speed when most play on all the default settings anyway

You can if you both choose too but dont be disappointed when you have to play on normal in the next game :)
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