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FIFA 16 News & Discussion Thread


11 September 2006
Had time of only make a single match.. a Genoa (me)-Juventus in your honour :D .. added your latest strings in the CL as well..

Of course a single bout is not enough to say much, anyway:

1-1.. good flow of the game.. I noticed many more long balls by the cpu, and we ended with 4-4 fouls..

Will say more with when I'll be able to play a Cup :) .
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Random Unknown Guy
1 January 2006
Genoa, Italy
Genoa CFC
Thanks Madmac,

in the meantime I'm trying to do something on my end too (also looking to apply different team tactics and mentalities too along the way).

Saludos :))


Random Unknown Guy
1 January 2006
Genoa, Italy
Genoa CFC
Had a game with latest Gameplayzer, plus Reactions reduced by 20% instead of being upped.

Will do some other tests by mixing up a few things, but this is how it is with FIFA: to win some you have to lose some, you can't have both (in this case, gameplay and fouls)

Will keep you informed :))

El Pajaro

14 May 2008
Good news. That fixed it for the CPU.

But it looks like I don't have time to catch and grab the CPU players that much anymore (and foul them). Maybe the increased reaction attribute determines how fast they're going to pass the ball instead of holding the ball for a while (and giving player more time to catch them).

But now the gameplay is pretty much perfect. If the increased reaction makes the game tougher and CPU forwards smarter I'm all for that (even if I have to sacrifice a few player fouls for that). It could be just this game again though.

Chile made a beautiful goal from midfielder's long pass to the running forward. Long passes is definitely a great improvement.

BIG improvement over the previous Gameplayzer, definitely. That was a miss, imho.


Random Unknown Guy
1 January 2006
Genoa, Italy
Genoa CFC
CPU players playing "hot potato" with the ball could be fixed by editing Team Tactics, which is what I plan to do next

You also seem to have more fouls than what I had with reduced Reactions just a few moments ago (speaking about foul/tackle ratio here), I'll probably leave that at 70% then (I was seeing too braindead players with it at -20% anyway)

Cheers :))

El Pajaro

14 May 2008
That's possible. It plays beautifully now. I wouldn't sacrifice the benefits for a few extra fouls. Even better if it can be addressed with team tactics.


Random Unknown Guy
1 January 2006
Genoa, Italy
Genoa CFC
Yes, I wouldn't sacrifice them either, of course :))

Still, I want to try some tweaks to at least increase them reasonably (meaning, without ruining the gameplay). I'm slightly tweaking the Defensive Work Rate for DFs and MFs (increasing it for them), I believe it's related to that

PS: About tactics, I already have some presets (long balls, possession, ...). The question is how to assign them.
As I was explaining to Pap earlier, I know of mods/patches that swap team/league IDs (eg: Iceland becomes Albania and viceversa), and name teams differently (eg: Brasil instead of Brazil).
Since I really can't assign them to every possible ID/name combination (fifaCCitiu never did, probably because of this reason), thanks to Pap's Whoscored.com tip I'm gonna try to find a correlation between their ratings/mentality in the Teams table in DB, and their preferred style of play according to Whoscored.com.
It's not the most ideal solution, but it's the most "universal" one :BLUSH:


2 July 2004
I´ve got a question. I gameplayzed the db without errors, in CM16 I see the right values (e.g. Balance 10) but ingame I see the old values, for e.g. Balance is at 67. I regenerated, but no success. I´m using a patch for 18/19-Season by fifaturks


Random Unknown Guy
1 January 2006
Genoa, Italy
Genoa CFC
@jottes: Did you start a new career, or are you continuing a new one? Any edit to the DB is not save compatible, I'm afraid :((


I tweaked some stuff in the DB, and heavily edited the Sliders. Do you want to try this new version?
PS: Still haven't touched Team Tactics.
PS2: Cards were all over the place, so I'm setting the card strictness to 0.1 after this.

Cheers :))


Random Unknown Guy
1 January 2006
Genoa, Italy
Genoa CFC
Here: https://mega.nz/#!P1MnnSAD!zspJZyxIBiM1pLKTvUe9CdEl7MnoS-C1d1FdPociRLI

Differences from previous version:
  • Reactions are being kept at +70%
  • Marking is no longer increased, it's left untouched
  • Attacking Work Rate has been mainly reduced to Low only for DFs/MFs, proportionally
  • Defending Work Rate has been mainly increased to High only for DFs/MFs, proportionally

Sliders (IMPORTANT, edits in bold):
Legendary, 15 Minutes, Slow:
Sprint 51 50
Acceleration 49 48
Shot Error 53 53
Pass Error 55 64
Shot Speed 50 50
Pass Speed 35 35
Injury Freq 70 70
Injury Severity 60 60
GK Ability 15 15
Marking 58 65
Run Freq. 37 37
Height 40 40
Length 60 60
Width 60 60
Fullbacks 50 50

Power Bar 50 -
First Touch 40 50

In order:
  • Too many shots were hitting the posts for me
  • Now there are more runs, with possibly more offsides (I was having none)
  • The defensive line now is a bit higher -- creates more midfield battles, and isn't too much cramped in the area, also for the offsides
  • FWs and MFs should try to tackle more actively when losing ball on the attack, also causing more fouls
  • They should cover the wings more, instead of being cramped in front of the box
  • Fullbacks should push more (I saw Spinazzola yesterday, BTW), but just the right amount






Enjoy! :))


League 2
25 December 2016
I tried now a new version, it's amazing. My first impression is, but of course it will not hurt to still test. All the advantages of previous versions are connected - not very fast, but at the same time a dynamic game, mutual fouls, active CPU in the attack etc. I played now against Real Madrid and got a wonderful goal from Ronaldo after crazy cross at the end of the first half. Notice how Ronaldo runs into the box after Bale gets the ball. It's awesome


El Pajaro

14 May 2008
When it comes to football games this really is a gamechanger (no pun intended). Test game with the newest Gameplayzer starts now. Report soon.


League 2
8 August 2018
anybody mind uploading some extended gameplay or even a full game if you have a chance? Have to wait till i get home to try this out and I'm itching to see some more gameplay lol. Also, does it take a long time to install / set up these changes?

El Pajaro

14 May 2008
Impressions from the latest gameplayzer:

Game got considerably easier
CPU defense was wide open
I get a lot more passes through to my forwards because of the weak CPU defense
More offsides (this wasn't really an issue before, either)
No more fouls than before
CPU forwards attempt a lot more straight shots from the air (that all go to the stands)
CPU forwards attempt straight shots even from the penalty area even when they have time to get the ball to their possession and make a perfect, easy shot and goal

Again, it was just this game but it was the easiest victory for me so far. I could have won 5-0 or 6-0.

Maybe it's the sliders that made the difference. Previous version + sliders was way better.


El Pajaro

14 May 2008
Yeah but I want to play this exact same matchup so the testing results are perfectly comparable. Two pretty good teams against eachother. For me the previous one was easily the best version so far. Or maybe it was just the sliders?

PS: Do you still have that previous Gameplayzer file? I think I overwrote it.

El Pajaro

14 May 2008
Playing another game right now and I can verify it. It's just the sliders. No need for to go to the previous version.

I changed back to your previous slider suggestions with line height 0, etc and used the previous cl.ini. Dramatic difference for the better. The CPU defense is much tighter and more challenging with those settings.

It was like a night and day. But look at the amount of fouls my team got here. :o

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22 March 2017
Chaumont Switzerland
Olympique de Marseille
Ciais, for the team tactics using whoscore data you might want to have a look at what I did for pes 2017.
I created a table where I simply pasted table summary from whoscore and it automatically computed the tactics for the teams. You can download that xls table here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vihek7hqy0vw6ap/Tactic_spreadsheets.zip.

May be it can help you assigning tactics.

PS: don't loose faith in your work. Just don't keep your head permanently in the rabbit hole (improving the gameplay), take breathes of fresh air, otherwise you will become insane. You are dealing with so many interacting variables at the same time.
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